Monday, March 10, 2014

Had a Great Weekend!

My honey and I rode our bikes and we traveled up Audubon bridge in St Francisville/New Roads,  Louisiana. This bridge is only a few years old and it's beautiful.  It's also a popular training spot for local athletes.  I really enjoyed it and if u like riding hills check it out.

Also adding my weekend manicure,  Spoiled Fair Metal with and without stamping.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nina Ultra Pro Love Struck

I found this beautiful red at Sally's and I love it. 2 coats and it's a deep opaque blood red. It also wears well with no chipping. I am curious to see if it will stain. I applied Orly Bonder before applying but I did see where other ladies experienced staining.

If you love reds this one is a must have!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mardi Gras Mambo 10k

This is my 3rd time doing this race, it's one of my favorite races.  It starts downtown Baton Rouge at the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino.  Great food and beer afterwards.
Nail polish is Sinful colors in Let's Talk,  perfect for the occasion!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Polish Haul

I went to Whole Foods Market and found this nail polish along with a few others. $7.99 a bottle.  This shade is called Royal Rubble by Mineral Fusion. I loved the color in the bottle a deep wine with multi colored shimmer. This polish is beautiful in the sunlight. I did noticed 2 chips not long after applying it and I don't know if it was my application that caused it or if this polish chips.

Mineral Fusion had quite a few unique colors. If this one wears well I will definitely try more.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Zoya Bijou

Zoya Bijou. I love Zoya but this one is not a favorite. It dries to a dull finish even when topped with Seche Vite quick dry topcoat. Its still a pretty color though. Leaving it on till tomorrow and then off it comes.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Learn How to Do Your Own Braids

I hate depending on someone to do something for me, mainly because you have to play by their rules. Finding a good braider is difficult, but finding one that is reliable, one that braids in a way to PRESERVE your scalp and hair and that won't charge an arm and leg is damn near impossible. My solution was to learn how to install braids myself. I researched how to braid your own hair for almost a month before attempting my install. That's where YouTube came into play. You will find tons of tutorials and info on braiding, different braiding hairs etc. I'll just add a few things here I think are important to know.

There are tons of tutorials but I found this lady's videos extremely beneficial. MemoirsofKee .  A few things she doesn't do or at least I never saw her do is soak the braiding hair in a water/vinegar solution. I use Bobbi Boss Kanekalon braiding hair and there is this alkaline base they use on the fibers to make it look shiny. It also makes my scalp itch like crazy so I soak my hair in the vinegar solution to remove the base from the hair and let it dry over night.

Some people recommend buying those mannequin heads practice on but I didn't find that helpful, mainly because the way I position my fingers for someone else's head and for doing my own head is completely different.

Once you have figured out how to install braids and decide you want to give it a go, you need to prepare. Make sure you have the time available to do the install. It can take me 3 days to install small to medium width bra strap length braids. If you are natural, blow your hair straight.  This is so important especially if you have 4b/c hair.  It ensures that your braids are nice and neat with out random hairs sticking out of the braids, makes parting and braiding your hair a lot easier as you won't have to fight through tangles and kinks and also keeps your hair a lot less tangled once you remove the braids. Braid in front of a mirror and have a hand mirror for parting the back of your head.

Take breaks. Do not try to rush through your whole head and DO NOT braid when you are tired and sleepy. You get sloppy and impatient when you are tired which ends in mistakes that you will have to fix, making you even more irritable and tired.

Do not tightly braid your edges.  Many of use have seen ladies sporting a receding hairline (or no hairline).  Tight braiding is usually the culprit, if not improper relaxing. Your edges can always be redone when they start growing out. Go easy on your edges.

If you are a swimmer only make your braids as long and thick enough to cover your natural hair. Thick butt length braids will soak up a TON of water.

Do your research. Find some good movies and music and start braiding!